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Circumcision is an operation to remove the foreskin of the penis.  In adults this is usually done for medical reasons such as infection, scarring, or constriction by the foreskin causing problems with erection and intercourse. The procedure is a day stay operation and is performed under general anaesthetic.  The excess foreskin is removed and the new skin edges are reattached in a circle behind the head of the penis with dissolving stitches.  An anaesthetic block is placed into the base of the penis at the start of the procedure to minimise pain.

Patients can usually be discharged the same day with a follow up by their GP. 

The operation is very safe but some risks can occur including a small chance of bleeding (5%), infection (5%), pain and sometimes altered sensation to the head of the penis.  This usually resolves spontaneously.  It is very uncommon for erections to be affected by the surgery though the penis may feel hypersensitive for a few weeks to months afterwards.