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Procedures related to the Bladder performed by Dr Morgan Pokorny include:


Cystoscopy involves checking the appearance of the bladder with a small urological operating telescope called a cystoscope. This is used to diagnose problems and check on the progress of previous treatments.

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Bladder biopsy

Bladder biopsy involves removing a small sample of the bladder lining during a cystoscopy in order to make a diagnosis of a possible urological condition. It is also used to check for the presence of invisible cancer (CIS, or carcinoma in situ)

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Ureteroscopy involves passing a very small rigid or flexible telescope (ureteroscope) into the tube between the kidney and bladder (ureter). This is used to diagnose problems in the ureter or to treat stones trapped in the ureter or small cancers of the ureter.

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Resection of bladder tumour

Bladder cancer is one of the commonest problems treated by urologists. These growths arise from the inner lining of the bladder, and are removed through a special resecting cystoscope passed through the urethra.

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