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Dr Pokorny has provided the following information about medical procedures and treatments for urological conditions, including:

Robotic Surgery

Dr Pokorny uses the da Vinci® robotic surgical system to perform complex cancer surgery and other urological procedures via keyhole surgery.

Learn more about Robotic surgery


Treatment of benign and cancerous conditions of the bladder including bladder cancer, bladder stones and general examination of the bladder

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Surgery to treat kidney cancer, kidney stones, blockage to the outflow of the kidney and endoscopic examination of the kidney

Learn more about Kidney procedures and treatments


Surgical techniques for treatment of benign prostatic enlargement, prostate cancer and biopsy of the prostate

Learn more about Prostate procedures and treatments


Treatment of foreskin narrowing by circumcision

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Scrotum and Testis

Surgery for benign and malignant conditions including testicular cancer, fluid around the testis (hydrocoele), epididymal cysts and vasectomy.

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