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Disorders of the Kidney treated by Dr Morgan Pokorny include: 

Kidney cancer

Kidney cancers are fairly uncommon as a whole and are usually found nowadays when scans are performed for other reasons e.g. CT or ultrasound of the abdomen done to investigate vague abdominal symptoms, gallstones, etc. The mainstay of treatment is surgical removal of part or all of the kidney.

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Kidney stones

Kidney stones are a common urological problem especially in hot climates such as Australia. There are various types of stone depending on chemical composition, but all are united by the characteristic excruciating pain felt by the patient should a stone drop out of the kidney into the ureter - with sudden, devastating pain moving from the kidney area (left or right small of the back) to the groin on the same side, often accompanied by vomiting.

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PUJ obstruction

PUJ obstruction is the medical term for a narrowing at the exit of the kidney at the junction of the kidney urine collecting system and the ureter, the muscular tube which carries urine from the kidney down to the bladder. PUJ stands for "pyelo-ureteric junction". The cause can be a small blood vessel lying over this area, which kinks or compresses it, but often there is no blood vessel present and the area is suspected to be scarred from a young age or the teenage years. 

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