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Your Consultation

Dr Pokorny consults at the Ormiston Specialist Centre on the campus of Ormiston Hospital. You should bring all copies of lab results and any X-ray imaging investigations you have on film, paper or CD-ROM with you to your appointment.

Dr Pokorny can usually access these electronically but it is always helpful to bring your own results with you just in case.

Consultations last 30 minutes for a new appointment and 15 minutes for a follow up appointment.

The examination and consultation room is completely private and if required, Dr Pokorny may have to perform a physical examination.  Partners, spouses, family and friends of patients are warmly encouraged to attend with the patient.  This often helps patients feel more comfortable and helps in recalling information and advice later.  

At the time of the consultation if required Dr Pokorny will be able to provide you with prescriptions, request forms for further laboratory or imaging tests and also referrals to other specialists, medical certificates and work certificates, as well as signing travel documents as required.

Dr Pokorny’s practice uses an integrated electronic health record system so in most cases your results from laboratory providers and imaging centres are delivered to us electronically.  Our practice also sends a detailed letter covering your consultation to your GP or referring specialist within 24 hours of your consultation.  This ensures rapid transfer of information and explanation of treatment planning to your doctor.